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The ghosts of James Michael Curley

In my latest for the Guardian, I report that Massachusetts has returned to normal since Election Day. Which is to say that corrupt politicians are running wild, tolls are going up and the traffic jams the Big Dig were supposed to alleviate are now worse than ever. James Michael Curley’s statues — yes, both of them — are laughing at us.

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  1. Michael Pahre

    Has Senator Wilkerson been indicted, as you say in your piece, or is the grand jury currently sitting on the matter (having served subpoenas) and considering indicting her?My understanding was that the FBI came forward last month with an affidavit/criminal complaint by one of their investigators, but that no specific charges have been brought to date.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Michael: I actually checked that last night, but apparently had my head planted where I normally sit while I was doing so. The Guardian has now fixed that for me. Thank you.

  3. Patricia of Trakai

    Late-breaking news: Wilkerson HAS been indicted — see this.

  4. Mark

    Very Howie Carr of you Dan. I like it.I disagree, however, that the one-party rule is caused by a lack of Republicans. I haven’t seen the numbers, but I would guess the problem is that the generic ballot in Massachusetts is probably 70-30.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Patricia: Well, well! I just should have waited a couple of hours.

  6. Michael Pahre

    Re: Wilkerson being indicted 1 hr 44 min after my comment… Har! Back to re-editing your article!

  7. LFNeilson

    In his novel, Mortal Friends, James Carroll told how Curley’s big moment as governor, that of presiding at the Harvard graduation, was upstaged by FDR’s attending the ceremonies.I believe there’s another statue of Curley, sitting on a park bench. Maybe in the North End?zzzzzzz

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