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Students document the vote (II)

More from my Reinventing the News students:

That will be it for tonight, as I need to file with the Guardian soon. Sooner than I can manage, probably.

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If exit polls were votes


Obama wins, a bit later than expected


  1. Marc Larocque

    I’ll be adding pictures to Polling Place Photo Project tomorrow. I was trying to upload them before work but once I went through all the effort of filling the information about the location and selecting the picture files it just gave me an error message. It wouldn’t let me upload so I will try again tomorrow morning.– Marc Larocque, Reinventing the News

  2. Marc Larocque

    (continued)… at that point I hope you can update your link to me!Marc Larocque, Reinventing the News

  3. Jessica Torrez-Riley

    Check this out: to the Harvard Crimson, Obama won an hour ago. Talk about premature reporting.

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