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If exit polls were votes

Then Obama would be headed for a huge victory. Actually, he wouldn’t, as President Kerry would be standing for re-election. So let’s wait and see.

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Students document the vote


Students document the vote (II)


  1. Esther

    Yeah, I agree. I’m extremely skeptical of anything anyone says to a pollster in this contest.

  2. Wickchucker

    Tap the brakes just a little Huffington Post. They even give a disclaimer stating such exit polls are rarely accurate and were given to them by a democratic staffer. CNN seems to be jumping the gun a bit too. What happened to the patient declarations the media exercised in 04?

  3. mike_b1

    The CNN county by county map on its website is an extraordinary use of the Internet.

  4. Dunwich

    I believed in the polls, there were no reasons not to. The “Bradley” is an anachronism if it were ever truly operative. I thought McCain would get smoked in Pa and Obama would pick off a few classic red states. Everything was true to form, there were no surprises.

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