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Worst ad of the campaign

So it looks like the award for the most negative ad of the entire campaign will go to — Elizabeth Dole? Sadly, yes. Dole, fighting for her political life in North Carolina, has falsely accused her Democratic opponent, Kay Hagan, of being an atheist.

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  1. mike_b1

    The irony is, McCain would likely be in better shape nationally had he chosen Dole and not Palin.

  2. krembo

    Wouldn’t passing MA Question 3 leave us dogless?

  3. Ron Newman

    Dear Elizabeth Dole,This is where “I approve this message” can come back to bite you.

  4. The Arranger

    Thank God for Elizabeth Dole saving the world from the international Papsit (strike that) Jewish (strike that) secular humanist (strike that) Muslim (strike that) Atheist conspiracy.Bob in Peabody, trying to keep up with the “pro-American” bogeyman of the day.

  5. The Arranger

    Bad news for the Republicans: the Godless Americans lady is better looking than Sarah Palin! She could siphon off some of the pathetic Pavlovian Palin males! in Peabody

  6. Mike F

    I hate the fact that saying your opponent doesn’t believe in God is political slander of the worst kind in this country. Just thinking about it makes my face hurt.

  7. O'Rion

    You take your opportunities where you can get them. Perhaps if Hagen had visited an Aids hospice she would have been accused of having a pro-gay agenda. It will be nice to see Dole exit Tuesday. I just hope she can take the Senate Minority Leader with her.

  8. Michael Pahre

    Hagan’s response video not only states that she is a Christian who has taught Sunday School, but also implies that Dole has been “bearing false witness against fellow Christians.”A response that hits it out of the Bible Belt park.

  9. Dan Kennedy

    Mike F: I hear you. But what made it reprehensible in Dole’s case was that calling her opponent an atheist was a lie.

  10. Tunder

    The good news? It looks like all of these ugly, lowest-common-denominator ads that (mostly) Republican candidates are serving up are leading to defeats.Karl Rove, et al, hoisted with their own petards…

  11. Doug Shugarts

    Atheists rock!! Never give ’em an inch.

  12. Amused

    I find the most offensive ads around here to be the Sununu ads that feature a national voiceover talent faking a New Hampshire accent. He does it only on certain words like record (reck-id) and anyone who has an ear for voices knows this guy is a national talent who is clearly faking a New England accent for the election spots.How cynical can these campaigns get?

  13. Tunder

    Ah, they couldn’t resist. Just saw the McCain ad featuring Reverend Wright video clip and photos with Obama.How pathetically predictable. No ideas, nothing positive to promote – just slash and burn.

  14. Sean Roche

    Sorry, Dan, I’m with Mike F. What’s reprehensible is that it is a slander to be called an atheist.Imagine if Dole had falsely accused Hagan of liking vegetable pizza. (“I dare say, I like pepperoni!”) Nobody would care. My heart hurts.

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