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Good jobs at good wages

Sometimes what’s legal is at least as disgusting than what’s illegal. Toward the end of Donovan Slack’s story in today’s Boston Globe on the Boston Licensing Board, which is at the center of the Dianne Wilkerson saga, we learn:

  • That the board members receive $85,000 for working part-time, their only requirement being to show up for public hearings three mornings a week.
  • That the chairman, who’s paid $100,000, “sets his own hours.”
  • That they were making $60,000 before Gov. Deval Patrick signed a pay raise into law last year.


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  1. mike_b1

    Here’s a question: Why does it take an FBI sting to bring this info to the forefront? Why isn’t the MSM going through the budget with a fine-tooth comb to flesh out these details in real-time, versus months (or in some cases years) after the fact?Just knowing Linda Tripp was being paid $95,000 a year (in the mid 1990s, no less) while mostly playing Dr. Laura to Monica Lewinsky should have sounded alarms in every locale to dig up salary info on government employees at every level.

  2. Mike from Norwell

    Not exactly the best of timing for the opponents of Question 1 (let’s see, if we take $100,000 back to $60,000, sounds an awful like that fabled 41% derided as an unrealistic number – won’t even begin to quantify what the extra pension costs in addition that are involved in that type of salary increase).

  3. MeTheSheeple

    Well, they needed that salary increase because they’re not eligible to work police details.Er, wait. =)

  4. Brian Flaherty

    Yet another reason to vote yes on question one!

  5. bob gardner

    So, the only one who was holding up this “sickening” pay raise was a crook, and the honest people who passed the sickening pay raise now don’t want to be associated with her. Is there anyone who voted for this pay raise who will defend it on its merits? Diane Wilkerson might be a train wreck but she’s not the whole train wreck. It seems like there’s about 39 other cars on that train, and that’s just the state senate.

  6. Ryan

    These must be all those “Hard working” Americans that John McCain supports a tax cut for, and is calling Obama a socialist for raising their taxes!Oh the hugemanity!

  7. Mike from Norwell

    Ryan, guess you have given us a clue as to Obama’s ultimate definition of “rich” at $100k (and I’ll guarantee you “hard working americans” and government workers running amok on the trough aren’t synonyms).

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