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The Sox are playing? Uh, not really.

How did I not know the Red Sox were playing tonight? I thought it was tomorrow. Anyway, I haven’t watched one moment of this game, and it’s just as well, seeing they’re down 11-1 after six.

I will not count these guys out until they lose four games. But the fact is that this is the thinnest team the Sox have field in quite some time, mainly because of injuries. If you’ve only got three guys hitting, Beckett isn’t Beckett and Lester isn’t Lester, well, the results aren’t going to be good.

Besides, the Rays are a better team than the Sox, or better, at least, than the Sox without Mike Lowell, a healthy David Ortiz, a healthy J.D. Drew … you get the picture. And unlike the Angels, the Rays are tough as nails.

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  1. Aaron Read

    The odd thing is that I don’t really mind too much. I don’t like the Rays, really…but after the crap they’ve dealt with for over a decade, I feel like I can spot them a Series. They haven’t suffered like the Sox, true, but admittedly, they’ve had a rough go for most of their abbreviated history. Ya know? And hey, we’ve had two Series in three years – not too shabby – and as long as the goddamn Yankees aren’t winning it, I can totally live with the Sox having an off year.Although, in total honesty, while I am hands-down an American League Boy, I would definitely root for the Phillies over the Rays. Man, have they EVER earned it.

  2. mike_b1

    Correction, Aaron: Two Series in four seasons (2004 and 2007).What’s hurting the Sox right now is their starting pitching. There’s a Curt Schilling/bloody sock element to Beckett right now, isn’t there?Fox Network must be cringing over the prospect of a Phils-Tampa WS.

  3. Steve

    As an erratic man once said – You go to the playoffs with the team you have. So these *are*, for better or worse, the Red Sox we have.But I think we’ve got them right where we want them. :-)And if the unthinkable happens and the Sox lose, I’ll be pulling for the Rays in the WS. But, sad to say for Fox, I might not be watching much.

  4. Don, American

    . . . and if they don’t come back, my fantasy playoff team is toast. Unless, of course, the Phillies tank, too.

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