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Michael Graham responds

If you can call this a response. I think he’s invoking the “any idiot would know it’s a fake” defense, which I anticipated in my item yesterday. But it’s kind of hard to tell.

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  1. Vox

    It’s interesting that, during his appearance on Greater boston two weeks ago, Graham bemoaned the lack of humor in political humor, especially the liberal brand. But Graham is guilty of the same. The attempts at humor in his response are little more than mean-spirited swipes of the Glenn Ordway variety. You need to lighten up, Dan! And see things the Graham way.

  2. G

    Typical talk radio BS. Slander, accuse, whatever and then claim it was all a joke. That lack of integrity is just another reason why talk radio is dying with anyone other than morons or paralytics who can’t reach the radio to change the station. Oh, and if anyone takes offense, I was just kidding. Lighten up, you F-ing morons.

  3. An Astute Observer

    To put it in the words of Ch 4’s John Keller:“”Memo to Frank Rich of the New York Times, Les Payne of Newsday, and assorted other media hysterics working themselves into a frenzy over their perception that, as Rich puts it, “the McCain campaign has crossed the line between tough negative campaigning and inciting vigilantism”: switch to decaf.””It’s as if John McCain and Sarah Palin had revealed themselves to be latter-day Grand Wizards. You can read them for yourself at the preceding links, or sample the echo chamber out across the blogosphere. And I also won’t bore you with the longstanding litany of conservative complaints over equally-revolting hate speech on the left, with “Bush equals Hitler” being a tame example of the genre.””Was Dan shocked, shcoked I say, the first time he saw an “Bush = Hitler” picture/poster…or did you just think it was amusing?Intellectual dishonesty, that everyone can see thru…

  4. pitpat

    By the way, Dan, how in the world was this guy allowed on “Beat the Press” with you two shows ago? He made at least two false statements during that episode, one of which you corrected and the other which Callie Crossley called him on.

  5. O'Rion

    Frank Rich a “media hysterics” member? Keller has had a bad month. When this is over the only people proud of the McCain campaign will be the neocon loons who ran it, and those that admire them.

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