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Go (yawn) Sox

I was in bed by 9 last night and after the first three innings on Wednesday. Not a good series for Sox followers who have to get up early. Anyway, I know J.D. Drew will never win over the hard-core of Red Sox fandom, but let’s not forget that he did it last night … OK, this morning with a herniated disc.

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  1. Steve

    JD did it a year ago, too. I think the JD detractors were deceived by his awful ’07 regular season. His post-season last year and his whole season this year is much more what I expected from the guy – good fielding, very good to excellent production offensively, and fragile – will only play 120 games a year due to injuries of various sorts.It still burns me that he took the number “7” while it was still warm, but he’s a little bit better ballplayer than Trot ever was.That game last night KEPT me awake, no matter how much I wanted to get to sleep.

  2. Vox

    Collective amnesia settles in upon Red Sox Nation, limiting our memory of Drew to last night’s home run. It won’t wear off until next July when he’s out of the lineup for five weeks, and The Big Show throws a group hissy fit.

  3. mike_b1

    steve, JD Drew isn’t a little bit better than Trot, he’s a lot better. He is top 100 all-time in OBP and slugging. And he runs and throws better than Nixon.

  4. mike_b1

    Sometimes I scare myself.

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