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Romney’s speech

Good grief. That was awful. Something about liberals and pornography and terrorists, all served up in comic-book caricatures. I know I thought McCain should pick Mitt as his running mate, but I confess I’d forgotten what a terrible speaker he can be. Tonight we were all reminded of why nobody voted for him.

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  1. Tunder

    Couldn’t agree more. He botched it from the start with his reference to the sun rising in the east and now in the west?!No pronography in the schools and the home and the importance of two-parent families while Governor Palin’s 17 year-old daughter is pregnant. Yikes!

  2. Robin Edgar

    “No pronography in the schools and the home and the importance of two-parent families while Governor Palin’s 17 year-old daughter is pregnant. Yikes!”Well maybe he was a bit miffed that he wasn’t selected as VP. . . 😉

  3. cavard

    It sounded so out of character for Mitt Romney… or at least the Mitt Romney we all knew. He sounded like he didn’t even buy the stuff he was saying. Seriously, do you really think he believes in the things he was saying? He’s compromised himself and he knows it.

  4. Doug Shugarts

    That’s the thing about Romney. Which way will he part his hair today?Doug Shugarts

  5. acf

    Nobody voted for him because they realized what a phony two face he was. He reversed every position he ever said he held, for no reason other than to pander to some desired voting bloc, and it was obvious. He couldn’t be trusted.

  6. Aaron Read

    That’s the thing about Romney. Which way will he part his hair today?Actually, it’s which way will Romney’s hair part him! :-)I’ve often thought that Romney is the perfect example of the Dilbert Principle. He can’t run a business, he can’t run a government, but he has excellent hair…

  7. jhall

    He’s finished.

  8. Tony

    I don’t agree with David Brooks of the NYT much but on “Charlie Rose,” he called the speech “insane” … an it pretty much was insane. Over at NECN, George Bachrach called the Palin pick “the worst since Dan Quayle …” Later, Jim Braude came on and reminded his “good friend” that Quayle won after he was picked so …

  9. O'Rion

    It would be hard to imagine someone projecting as a bigger jerk than Dan Quayle. I think Mitt pulls it off. He did nothing dreadfully wrong, but we should be ashamed. Mitt gamed the GOP voters and they never bought it. Not for a second. But the Commonwealth did.

  10. sul206

    I’ve never heard somebody give a 10-minute speech before using nothing but slogans from bumper stickers.

  11. Mark

    I have responses to almost all of you, but I’ll only address the most grievous of posts:tunder- I don’t understand how keeping pornography out of schools and having two parent families is related to Gov. Palin’s daughters pregnancies. I think we can all agree that pornography out of schools and two parent families would be welcome. Would it completely eliminate unrelated teen pregnancies – no. But would it strengthen our culture – yes.aaron read – how can anybody say with a straight face that mitt romney can’t run a business. Your partisan hatred for him aside, he’s got a pretty unquestionable record in the business world.sul206 – have you ever heard Sen. Barack Obama from Illinois give a speech before? He’s the fortune cookie candidate.Irrational hatred is all it is.

  12. Dan Kennedy

    Mark: Please give us a specific example, with a link, of pornography in a public school.

  13. Mark

    I was merely arguing using the constructs given by the first poster that the ideas Romney laid out were things we should strive for.But if you want to take it literally, I can play that game. live in a sick country Dan.

  14. Dan Kennedy

    Mark: You came up with a link, I’ll grant you that. I am puzzled, though, as to why I can’t come up with the same story search the local press, including the Deerfield Review. I’ve searched Nexis, too, and there’s not a single reference to this story except among religious-right media outlets. Odd, no?

  15. Dan Kennedy

    BTW, Mark, taking it literally is a good thing. Thank you for trying to back up your assertion. But given that it would have been one of the biggest stories of the year in Deerfield, I remain puzzled that the local paper didn’t see fit to cover it.

  16. mike_b1

    mark, what Romney ran was a “consulting company” (read: venture capital) that ultimately used borrowed money to buy other companies, razed them, then sold off their assets. He wasn’t interested in building a company that would be positioned for the long haul and in fact, many of them required years of turnaround work after Bain sold them. It’s not the same as what Google or Microsoft or Apple have done.

  17. Mark

    I’m aware of what Romney did Mike. I know a thing or two about the guy. If he wasn’t interested in building a company that would be viable for the long haul, then why are Staples and Dominos still very successful companies?

  18. the_bunk

    Romney bailed out of Staples before they became successful, if memory serves me. Not sure what his involvement was with Dominoes. I just know that he didn’t build it or manage it.His economic IQ is a bit exaggerated, I think. He’s from money and he used his connections to help make money for his dad’s friends. He’s intelligent, but he suffers from an inability to apply MBA principles to everything.Call me cynical, but when he stood on a platform in Michigan and said he would bring back the auto industry, I had to wonder what he’d taken to keep from making his nose spontaneously grow across the great lakes and hit his house in NH. A whopper like that could make the folks at Guiness cry world record.

  19. Mark

    Hey Dan,After a grueling 4 and half minute search I managed to turn up a MSM account of this whole porn play at Deerfield High School fiasco.Looks like it was a legitimate enough story that the local CBS affiliate picked up a local newspaper’s story on the controversy. like it’s not just “Christian papers” that wrote about it.You do have to question the news agenda of papers in Illinois though, don’t you?

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