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The wind at Obama’s back

The following Michele McPhee quote — uttered within the last five minutes — is guaranteed 95 percent word-for-word:

The last time he [Obama] had a crowd this big, he blew his nose. And it was nasty, folks. What’s he going to do this time? Is there going to be flatulence on the stage? And are people going to cheer?

Simply amazing.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    You forgot the part where McPhee said that one of the Obamaniacs picked up the dirty Kleenex as a keepsake.Like it or not Dan, this is what happens when you build a Temple to yourself.I thought the next caller, (a female from Quincy) was very good, wondering what the poor folks who donated $5 and $10 to the Obama campaign will think when they see how their donations were wasted on this monument to Obama’s ego. A very cogent point.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Fish: You listened longer than I did.Have you seen the “temple”? Please. It’s a cheesy-looking backdrop, made for TV. The part directly behind the podium is meant to evoke Main Street. I guess.

  3. Dot Lane

    “build a Temple to yourself”At least he will have something to toss the Republican moneychangers out of, if you want to keep pushing the moronic Messiah analogy.How much money do you think it actually took to slap together that set? And, by your logic, McCain should accept the nomination in a shotgun shack. Surely he has one of those amongst his collection of homes. Oh, wait, that’s right. McCain doesn’t have to worry about what people think. Poor folks aren’t giving five or ten bucks to McCain’s campaign. To get access to the GOP you have to have bundles over 100K. Interesting how close the Republican approach to fundraising matches McCain’s approach to wife hunting.

  4. krembo

    She never ceases to amaze me.

  5. acf

    When people go out of their way to attack someone like that, they’re either inherently nasty, jealous, or both. Which is it here.

  6. Brian Flaherty

    I read this posting quickly earlier tonight and thought you said Michelle Obama said this quote. I was thinking, um…OK. Now that I reread and saw it was McPhee it made perfect sense.

  7. Aaron Read

    Dukakis thought a lot of the crap they said about him was simply amazing, too.Unfortunately, a lot of idiots out there think it’s amazing…amazing that a candidate would be so terrible. Not “amazing” that someone could say such incredible bullshit and get away with it.You can’t afford to have euphemisms in this one, folks. Let’s call out McPhee for the fat, useless bitch that she is: so idiotic that the “real” Boston won’t let her live there…and the carpet probably doesn’t match the drapes, either.Wow – I shocked even myself a little with the vitrol I just banged out there. But hey, it doesn’t really matter if it's mean, nasty or untrue, now does it? After all, it's all just simply amazing. >:-((man if I'm feeling this fed up with the Republican smear machine already, I shudder to think how filled with rage I’ll be by this time next week!)

  8. Al Toid

    What’s that line from “History Boys”? Everyone is going to say the same things. The contrary position is the one that stands out from the sea of papers. Or something similar.I don’t agree with her, but Michele McPhee’s comment got noticed and we’re talking about it now, regardless of how small and poorly thought out it was. It’s the same sort of think that keeps Michelle Malkin working.

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