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Maybe he meant the other confederacy

Because I’m feeling charitable this evening, I will assume that Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen knew better when he identified Delaware as a former Confederate state. After all, Adam Gaffin missed it, too. But not Ron Newman. (Thanks to Media Nation reader B.C.)

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  1. Steve

    Facts is facts.But a significant portion of NJ was south of the Mason-Dixon line, and there was a Klan chapter in Hightstown until at least the 1970s.On the other hand, go south on the Delmarva peninsula and when you get to the Virginia line, there’s a nice sign saying “Welcome to Dixie”. And the other way, “You are now leaving The South”.

  2. acf

    Regional sentiments within a state did not make that state Confederate or Union.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – perhaps he meant a Confederacy of Dunces? :~)

  4. Neil

    PP yes, I think that was Dan’s sly joke.

  5. Marc Larocque

    This just in, today, from B1 of Mother Globe: “Kevin Cullen is a moron. Trust us. You don’t want to reach him.”Heh-heh. It’s nice that BG can acknowledge its marquee columnist’s Masshole-ishness.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Mark: Personally, I’ve made way too many mistakes like Cullen’s to go down that road.

  7. Marc Larocque

    No. I didn’t go down that road, Dan. The Globe did. That quote was from the Globe themselves printed below Kevin’s column. He probably put it there himself. And I commend Kullen and the paper for being so playful and self-effacing after the fact. So I’m not going down any dark road of smarmy media criticism so it’s allll good.

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