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On (not) building for the future


  1. DJS

    Well, Dan, think of it this way. Every time you flash the AARP card to claim a discount and the sales clerk demands to see your driver’s license to prove that you’re of age, consider it a compliment.Doug ShugartsBrookline

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Doug: I’ve already thrown it out. Maybe in another 30 years I’ll join. 😉

  3. Steve

    You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of failing sight and indistinct sound but of forgetful mind. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the McCain Demographic!

  4. acf

    Dan: I know the feeling. I crossed the AARP threshhold almost 10 years ago, ouch. I just refuse to join. The magazine does have a nice word search and an easy sudoku. It’s big, too, easy on the eyes.

  5. Don, American

    Have you got money? They want you. You can probably sign up your dog, too, if you send $$$.

  6. Ron Newman

    AARP first mailed me one of those a week after my 50th birthday. They continue to arrive about once a month.

  7. Neil

    Who gets to retire at 50? Maybe a few managers at the T but for most of us…It would be impressive if they sent you that form a week after you actually retired.

  8. Christine_Dunlap

    My approach: Get all the benefits by letting your spouse join and pretend you are too young! Chrisp.s. The magazine is really pretty good. (But don’t tell anyone I admitted that.)

  9. Nial Liszt

    “Maybe a few managers at the T…””But that it were.” After twenty-three years of service just about everyone at the T gets full, State tax-free pension and fully paid medical until age 65. I wish that I could begin voting for Prop 1 tomorrow!

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