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Is Ramírez staying?

No links — things are changing too quickly. It’s a few minutes after the trading deadline. Unless the Red Sox have something up their sleeves, it looks like Manny Ramírez is staying.

I think it’s a mistake — it’s different this time. I’d have made just about any deal I could for Manny. Unless everyone suddenly gets healthy, starts performing up to scratch or both, the Sox aren’t going anywhere this year anyway.

Shipping Manny out of town would have sent a message that — if media reports are accurate — a number of Sox players would have liked to hear.

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Manny’s gone after all


  1. Aaron Read

    Check – looks like Manny is history.

  2. Steve

    Ken Rosenthal reports we get Bay, Ramirez (and $7M) goes to the Dodgers, Pirates get Andy LaRoche, Bryan Morris, Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss.

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