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Arrogance watch watch

I note with interest that Josh Marshall is asking his readers to send in examples of media reports picking up on the Republican meme that Barack Obama is arrogant and presumptuous enough to believe he ought to be president. Why, you’d think the guy had won a major-party nomination or something.

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As always, the first casualty


Shopping Manny


  1. Grub

    It’s all about subliminal. The Republicans have figured out a way to say “uppity” without actually saying it — and to say “nigger likes white girls…” (I’m referring to the commercial that I’m reading has Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in it) without actually saying that either. I’m sorry, I’ve never typed that word in my life, to my knowledge or memory, and it creeps me out to do it here. Possibly you won’t want it on your site, and I’ll understand. But that’s what I think.

  2. Don, American

    What? Uppity?

  3. Steve

    What grub said.Maybe Atrios says it better:”He’s An Uppity Negro Who Wants To F*@k Your Sister”Only he spells it out. He is Atrios, after all.

  4. Mike's America

    People who try and turn an obvious arrogance and presumption into something racist merely highlight the general weakness of Obama’s candidacy.Thanks… keep it up!

  5. Keohane

    It reminds me of the great Onion opinion column, entitled: “Hilary Clinton is Too Ambitious to Be the First Female President.” Do people really think it’s modesty that’s driving presidential candidates?

  6. acf

    McCain is trying to do to Obama what Bush did to him in South Carolina in 2000, and Helms did to Gantt in their Senatorial race. Despicable.

  7. Bill Baar

    Neither Obama or McCain have won their nominations yet.And Obama depends on super delegates who can change their minds.Obama refused McCains challange for ten debates. Those debates would have served the nation best and would have been the best antidote to negative campaigning.Instead we have Obama telling us McCain is going to tell us Obama doesn’t look like anyone else on our currency……that’s not much of a compaign.Wish Obama would have been up to the challange of those debates instead of telling us he thinks McCain is going to say this or that unkind thing.

  8. acf

    If McCain wants 10 debates with Obama, that tells me that he sees himself as behind, and wants the face to face to try and chop him down to size. Of course, given performances by both, you have to wonder who would have the upper hand, the articulate one or the old one. Judging from the kinds of debates that have been inflicted upon us this election thus far, I don’t know if I want to see any more.

  9. Bill Baar

    McCain is behind. He knows it. Everyone knows it. Obama knows it and it’s why Obama says the odds favor him, and of course that’s why Obama doesn’t want to debate. The country would be far better off if we had those debates though.I first heard Obama in the race for Illinois’s second district (I think it’s the second) against Bobby Rush. Obama only won the Irish 19th ward in that race and was really trounced by Rush. He’s always been easy to frame as an egghead… Ricky Hendon made bitter fun of Obama’s name on the floor of the Illinois Senate (Check the New Yorker piece for the dialogue).It was the Democrat Mikael J. Madigan, Illinois Senate Speaker, who first coined Obama as Messiah. Remember these all Illinois Pols who knew Obama dined with Rezko and was up to his armpits in sleazy Illinois politics so I think they really resented his moralizing. That he won by a fluke of the Illinois Senate just aggrevated it all. When Jackson threatened to emasculate Obama I think he was voicing a common theme among Illinois Democrats which is only salved with cash and the prospects of jobs and more cash should Obama win. (The press have similar hopes for PR jobs in the new Admin).I voted for Obama but my awakening started with the annual Father’s Day talk. My first though was gee what would an AA Dad think of this… Then I started thinking of the imperfect Euro Dads I knew… then I started thinking of myself as a Dad and started saying who’s this guy to lecture me. I wanted him to clean up Illinois politics and bring me a bridge or two accross the Fox river.It’s been downhill for me with Obama ever since……I suspect the rest of American will turn too… whether by Nov or not I don’t know… but knowing our Messaih from the praries I think it’s just a matter of time.

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