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Gordon Edes to leave the Globe

Alert Media Nation reader O-Fish-L reports that Boston Globe baseball writer Gordon Edes’ on-again, off-again move to Yahoo Sports is on again. (Via Scott’s Shots, which has some quotes from Edes.) Thus we see the continuation of a trend, as sportswriters flock to sports outlets.

I like Edes a lot, but I won’t miss him — as long as I remember to bookmark Yahoo’s Major League Baseball page, that is.

Apparently there was some unpleasantness over Edes’ departure. As I understand it, Edes tried to take the buyout the Globe was offering, but management refused on the grounds that Edes was too valuable. (He was.) So now he’s leaving anyway, with the fate of his buyout reportedly subject to an appeal.

Photo of Edes (cc) by ADM, and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wait a minute. How can you accept something that was never offered? (First day in business law:offer/acceptance/consideration or no contract). If they don’t offer a buyout and he’s an at-will employee, case closed. Good luck on the appeal Gordon, fair has nothing to do with legal.

  2. mike_b1

    Edes, along with Bob Hohler when he was on the baseball beat, has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise poisonous sports media environment. While he clinged ever so slightly to antiquated notions — Nomar not being a “traditional” cleanup hitter was something I recall him writing more than once — he seems way more open to new ways of thinking of the great game of baseball. For that, plus his ability to not make himself the story (yes, I know, Carl Everett made his CHB comment to Gordo, but that was just coincidence), I will certainly miss him. It’s almost certain that whomever replaces Edes won’t be as good. You can’t say that about many local sportswriters or columnists today.

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous wasn’t paying attention.The Globe offered the buyout to every employee. That is, every employee could apply for it. Then the company can reject or not.So Anonymous may be right on the outcome, but he didn’t pay attention to the facts of the case. Edes, like every other newsroom employee, was encouraged to apply for the buyout.

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