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Two contradictory thoughts

Yes, state Sen. Jim Marzilli, D-Arlington, should resign, and I suspect he will now that he’s been indicted on charges that he sexually accosted four women in Lowell on June 3.

But this effort by the Massachusetts Republican Party to push Marzilli out the door is cheap and sleazy. It’s unworthy of a major political party, which, of course, the state GOP isn’t.

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – I think the site is a little over the top; however, consider what polite disagreement has accomplished. John McCain came to Boston and was ignored by Boston media (even the Phoenix thought it odd!), there has been zero coverage of the Mass GOP Reps foregoing all budget earmarks due to parlous financial times despite the fact that getting money in the budget is all that is accomplished, and on and on.Comparing this to a local liberal site that is calling the Vice President a demon from hell, and is advocating trying to riot when he comes to Boston this Friday – it’s pretty darn tame.Marzilli could solve the whole thing by resigning – and the media would be demanding he do so if there were an (R) instead of a (D) after his name – instead they cluck about his bi-polar defense.

  2. ben

    I would agree with the prior post. The acts are so egregious that anything is fair game from any organization when the more than alleged perpetrator has not resigned and continues to get paid by the taxpayers.

  3. bogofree

    Blame this perv on the Republicans? Cheap and sleazy? Did you happen to read the accounts of this charaters actions. Someting tells me it’s the liberal label so he gets a pass. This guy should be dreawn and quartered by his own party and not be the responsibility of the Republicans. Something tells me if this was the other way around you’d have your tar and feathers ready. No wonder this state is a national joke.

  4. Anonymous

    PP,You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re clearly referring to an article from the ONION someone posted on BlueMassGroup: There’s no comparison and you know it.And while we’re on the subject, aren’t you one of the people running RedMassGroup, a site which discusses such compelling topics as whether believing gays are human beings makes you a RINO?There’s is a rather interesting take on ethics:;jsessionid=124D9DE0F4D8A8A7F79250C9B28A927B?diaryId=1842

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