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Fair use: The video (II)

I’ve re-uploaded my fair-use video to fix the whopper of a typo that Donna Halper found. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Steve Garfield and John Farrell, the quality is the same.

I did apply some custom settings when creating a QuickTime file, and it looked terrific on my MacBook. But YouTube didn’t like the file, playing the audio without any trouble but presenting the video as a series of stills.


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  1. John Farrell

    Rats. Youtube can be touch and go.

  2. MeTheSheeple

    ffmpeg is your friend. There’s a Mac interface — Xffmpeg or ffmpegX, one of those — that can help.Once you figure out sometimes you want a shortcut (e.g., “-type dvd”) and sometimes you need to force another option (e.g., you don’t want 200k/s video), you can convert pretty much anything to anything else.

  3. Steve Garfield

    Try Blip.TV.You’ll get a flash conversion and also access to your original file, so people can choose to view either one.–Steve

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Hi, Steve: I thought you had to pay for Blip. Well, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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