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Fear itself

In my latest for The Guardian, I take a look at the unfavorable political landscape that Barack Obama will have to traverse this fall: the very public trial of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; heightened tensions, and possibly war, with Iran; and a determination on the part of the Bush White House once again to use terrorism as a cudgel with which to bludgeon the Democrats.


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  1. io saturnalia!

    Let’s not forget the fact that Democrats, pussies that they are, will crumble when faced with Republicans who talk mean to them, question their patriotism and call them soft on terror. Plus, they might even accuse the Democrats of wanting to tax and spend!At least Obama seems unwilling to be pushed around, unlike Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Gore and the other frauds who have passed as Democratic standard bearers. There’s always time, however.

  2. Bill Baar

    If there is a successful terrorist attack before the election, you think Democrats won’t bludgeon Republicans with it?And maybe rightly so…

  3. Larz

    Voters quaking, White House quacking. — Larz

  4. Peter Porcupine

    DK – facts are inconvenient things. Khalid Sheik Mohammed DID orchestrate a plot to kill us. I would add that this is not the first time that the Senate Intelligence Comm. et al, now chaired by Democrats, has voted to SUPPORT the administration based on info that is – let’s face it – unavailable to you or me, and likely to remain so.Are you trying to say that ALL the Democrats are in the tank for Bush? THAT was the great change of 2006?And really – why does ANYONE think that Seymour Hersh is on speed dial for Cheney to confide his secrets and strategems? ‘Seymour Says’ may be a popular Manhattan parlour game, but it is far from authoritative.

  5. Dan Kennedy

    PP: Fine, but interesting that the Bushies have orchestrated the trial so that it takes place during the presidential campaign. Of course, Mohammed should be brought to justice. It’s the cheap trick of using it for political gain that I object to.The secret evidence that so impresses congressional Democrats has somehow failed to persuade Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Admiral William Fallon. So I wouldn’t get too excited about it.Seymour Hersh? Yeah, what a stiff. From My Lai to Abu Ghraib, he’s only broken some of the most important national-security stories in the annals of American journalism. No need to take him seriously at all.

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