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More (less?) on the “pregnancy pact”

Gloucester Times reporter Patrick Anderson pours more water on the “pregnancy pact” fire.

By the way … sorry for the InstaPundit-style one-liners. I’m not really around today, but caught this and thought it was worth sharing.

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  1. Mike Stucka

    The latest Gloucester Times story also raises a new question about Time magazine’s reporting, with a source disputing what she’d said compared to what had been reported by the magazine.Poynter’s Everyday Ethics column just picked up on the questions here. There are already several comments there.Full disclosure: My paycheck comes from the same folks that pay the Gloucester reporters.

  2. Anonymous

    In the same issue in which Time talked about the “Pact,” they also mischaracterized a Snoop Dogg song “My Medicine” as being about alcohol when in fact is is about marijuana. An extremely clumsy error!Also, last night there was Anderson Cooper raging on about the “pact”. Why let facts get in the way of a good story?

  3. Cherish Lovely

    these chicks need to watch the baby borrowers on nbc. the show premieres tonight at 9. i feel like it should be required reading for all teens. especially teens considering becoming pregnant, even casually considering it. hopefully this show will make them reconsider.

  4. Dave

    Look, if teens watched as much tv as they needed to this could be avoided. By watching such shows as the Baby Borrowers they would get a sense of what teen moms and dads have to go through

  5. Cindy

    They should sit all those girls down and make them watch Baby Borrowers

  6. liamstliam

    It seems to me like the Gloucester paper is trying to be the “good citizen” and defend the town against the nasty outsiders.A reporter can find whatever he/she is looking forward.And you know what, pact or no pact, something is really, really wrong with the school, the parents and the kids.

  7. liamstliam

    Dan: I might have missed your reference. Did you see that Kingsbury shot back:,8599,1817272,00.html?imw=Y

  8. man who thinks children are highly overrated

    They talked about Baby Borrowers on WBUR today…during Day2Day, I think. There was a lot of criticism about how juvenile and ultimately unrealistic a portrayal of parenthood it was.Frankly, the older I get the more I think I’d be safer if we let everyone who wants to drive a car and instead required training and a test to be licensed to be a parent.

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