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Not in Middleborough

The great Gladys Kravitz offers her top 10 reasons why a casino will never be built in Middleborough.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the link!She did a great job, as usual!sandy

  2. Gladys Kravitz

    Thank you, Dan.I appreciate the opportunity to get out the facts. Especially since the media seems uninclined to do the same regarding the many complicated, but very REAL issues of Indian gaming (or more accurately -‘gambling’)in our State.In fact, in addition to my ‘Top Ten’ there are still even more reasons why gambling is far from being a ‘done deal’ in Middleboro or even in the Commonwealth.Thanks again,Gladys

  3. Anonymous

    Gladys did a stellar presentation of complex issues, but hope you didn’t miss what the Bellicose Bumpkin had to say about the financial problems of one of the backers. like this casino thing might implode on its own false hopes. But if it doesn’t, who wants to do business with what looks like a failing business? The Guv?tammy

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