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Dept. of They All Look Alike

The Massachusetts Republican Party just sent out an e-mail headlined “MassGOP Statement on Barack Obama.” The entire press release that follows is about Deval Patrick. Must be because they both have a Chicago accent, eh?

We’ll post the apology as soon as it arrives.

Update: Got a corrected e-mail shortly before noon. No apology.

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  1. ogre

    Well, the Mass GOP is sort of the epitome of what my son calls “epic fail,” no?So it’s about what I’ve come to expect…

  2. Peter Porcupine

    DK – an apology would be for a deliberate or factual error; this was a copy/paste mistake. A correction rather than an apology would seem to be in order.Unless you think linking Obama to Patrick somehow defames him?

  3. Dan Kennedy

    PP: It doesn’t hurt to apologize if your innocent mistake plays into the meme that Obama and Patrick must be alike because they’re both black.

  4. cranberrycynic

    You have to admit that with David Axelrod writing words for both of them, it is a little difficult to tell the difference.

  5. O-FISH-L

    Did Sen. Ted Kennedy apologize for his infamous but innocent mistake confusing Osama bin Laden for Barack Obama? After all, it played into the meme that both are Muslim, or at least the truth that both have Muslim paternity. The MA GOP should apologize once Ted does.

  6. Rick

    Dan, If it had been the names of two white fellows would you say that the MassSGOP thinks all white people look act and think the same? Sounds like an innocent mistake to me with no racial animosity at all. You can’t stereotype the MassGOP as racists on this one. (well.. you can, because you did.)

  7. Dan Kennedy

    I’m sure it was an innocent mistake, but apologizing would be the classy thing to do. It’s not at all the same as if two white people had been confused with one another.

  8. Not Whitey Bulger

    In your pettiness, you publicly embarrss yourself. “I’me sure it was an innocent mistake,” yet you want an apology? Did your parents raise you to be this person? Think about it. Are you making your parents proud of you with this miserable one-sided pissing contest? Try printing this out and having your friends and collegues read it, and then have them tell you whether it makes you look good. Would you want Emily Rooney to read it on television? I didn’t think so. I think an apology to the Mass. Republican Party is in order – and apologize to Mom and Dad while you’re at it.

  9. Dan Kennedy

    Not Whitey: The idea that you never have to apologize for a mistake unless you committed it with malice aforethought is a new one on me. I could have saved myself from any number of apologies had I followed your rule. I’m not suggesting public self-flagellation. Just a short, simple apology. Good grief.

  10. Rick

    Dan, You said “It’s not at all the same as if two white people had been confused with one another.” The only one who thinks the MassGOP actually confused the two is you.Your headline is not only offensive but incredibly slanderous to the MassGOP if anyone needs to apologize it’s you. Leave the race hustling to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  11. Anonymous

    I agree with Dan that a mistake like this (intentional or not) deserves an apology. It would be the classy thing to do.No doubt, many of the people attacking noted “race hustler” Dan Kennedy for having the gall to point out this screw-up likely see no reason to apologize for anything they say.flightjkt

  12. Anonymous

    DanI’m guessing you don’t get a lot of stuff from the GOP. This is par for the course. Lots of stupid mistakes since BK took over. They were really bad, then stopped for a couple of months, then this. No apology necessary.

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