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Reporters won’t testify in Entwistle case

The trial of Neil Entwistle, accused of murdering his wife and baby daughter, is sure to be a spectacle. But here’s one spectacle you won’t be seeing: Judge Diane Kottmyer today ruled that two reporters will not be called to testify during a pre-trial hearing, writes David Frank of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Laurel Sweet and Michele McPhee reported in the Boston Herald in November 2007 that Entwistle had written a suicide note while in jail. Sweet, who’s still with the Herald, and McPhee, now a talk-show host for WTKK Radio (96.9 FM), got off the hook when prosecutors said they have no plans to introduce the suicide note at Entwistle’s trial. Call this an ever-so-slight victory for the First Amendment.

McPhee’s got a book coming out on the case next Tuesday.

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  1. Anonymous

    And we simply can’t wait until the prosecution gets to the part about his gambling debt causing this horrific crime.

  2. Anonymous

    In my humble opinion, Michelle is well suited to write a novel on this. Fiction of course since. once again in my humble opinion, a good chunk of her journalism for the Herald, and now on the radio, has some very large holes in it. A walking libel suit. Let’s leave it at that.

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