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Walking through the fallout

Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan puts the Boston Herald walk-through fiasco in perspective today by pointing out the obvious — that Patriots coach Bill Belichick has forever branded himself as a cheater. Ryan writes:

How could anyone not feel sorry for Bob Kraft?…

His was said to be a model organization, where the owner owned, the personnel people found the right players, and the dour defensive genius coached ’em right up to championships, or close to ’em.

And now?

And now he has to live with the reality that he presides over the most despised and reviled franchise in all of contemporary American sport, and all because the coach he trusted has betrayed him.

In the New York Times, Mark Bowden offers a different sort of perspective, arguing, essentially, that it’s not a big deal and that everyone does it.

Bowden compares the Patriots taping scandal to, among other things, Gaylord Perry’s spitball. Not to condone what Perry did, but, somehow, I don’t buy the comparison. I’m with Ryan on this one.

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  1. Anonymous

    EB3 here.In the future the Krafts et al will point to the fact that the Commissioner exonerated them on the Matt Walsh issue and use that to confuse the issue. A red herring in their favor.

  2. Rick in Duxbury

    So much for a childhood spent living at Annapolis, an institution with an “Honor Code”.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought Ryan’s piece was over the top. Particularly in regard to the Watergate comparison.Even if you were to convince me (good luck) that the Watergate cover-up was worse than the crimes that triggered the investigation, I’d never agree it was worse than everything we subsequently learned about the Nixon administration.Is Ryan suggesting we have only seen the tip of the iceberg? Obviously, not.(Please note – I’m NOT a Patriots fan.)

  4. Anonymous

    it IS interesting that the folks calling for Tomase to be fired back belichik for what you have rightly noted is a terrible blemish on a far more valuable entity than the herald. belichik never owned up to anything and he thrives under the krafts. this is merely to point out the utter lack of moral consistency. the pats will never shed this tarnish till they win another SB under a a new squeaky clean coach.

  5. Anonymous

    feel sorry for the Krafts? The Krafts’ shabby treatment and evictions of the people living in the path of his new stadium is far worse and more hurtful than anything a football coach does to win a football game. -Bob Gardner Randolph

  6. Anonymous

    Bob,What evictions? What people? The new stadium was built on the site of the old one and its parking. Neighbors were more parking lots for which market prices were paid. Anyone with property on or near Route One has done well over the last 20 years. What in the world are you talking about?

  7. Anonymous

    Anon – there was a trailer park on the property. The lesees were royally compensated (the owner sold to the Krafts), but many wanted to stay regardless, and learned the hard way that ownership trumps renting.

  8. Anonymous

    The Patriots have been harshly punished by the league, held up for ridicule by the media, threatened with a Congressional investigation by an alleged Senator, and if Ryan is correct, forever tainted.Enough already. If its endless weepy confessions and moments of deep self-enlightement you’re after, watch Oprah. The Coach acted foolishly. WE ALL know it. Twenty-four news cycle, and the heads must talk.

  9. Anon 12:03

    Anon 1:18,People have wanted something for nothing forever. If, when I die, the worst that can be said about me is that I failed to please everyone and failed to allow someone to keep something for which they had already been paid, I will think that I did OK. There is a reason new immigrants to America usually avail themselves of our private property system, the envy of the planet. If someone manages to avoid learning about that, neither Bob Kraft nor I can help them , I fear. (Sorry to go OT).

  10. Anonymous

    Anon–I think your missing the point. Videotaping against NFL rules or throwing people out of their homes–which is worse? All I said was that there is no reason to think that there is any reason to feel sorry for the Krafts and their spotless reputation. Sorry to have touched a nerve; I didn’t mean to disillusion all those potential immigrants. Bob Gardner Randolph

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