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More on the Herald apology

Smart stuff from Adam Reilly of the Phoenix and Paul Flannery of Boston Magazine. Also, Jon Keller of WBZ-TV (Channel 4) interviewed me for a story he’s doing.

As I told Keller, one of the big problems the Herald faces is that its sports section is a prime reason that people plunk down 50 cents rather than simply grabbing a Metro.

Today, angry Patriots fans are demanding blood and threatening a boycott. Unlikely to happen, but this is nevertheless a scary moment for Pat Purcell and company.

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Rough play


Can’t we all just get along?


  1. Anonymous

    The primary problem with the Herald story is that is smacks of an intentional and willful decision by the Herald to inflict as much harm on the Patriots as possible the day before the Super Bowl. It is impossible for such a poorly sourced article to make it through the editorial process without a specific decision to through standards out the window.The question is “why” did they decide to lower their standards to hurt the Patriots?Also, who planted the story? Do they work for another team now? Who paid for Matt Walsh’s attorney? Is Specter’s involvement simply an extension of his cozy relationship with Comcast and their anti-NFL Network agenda? Lot’s of great questions… too bad there are not good reporters left to ask them.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s simple. The story sold papers and generated a gazillion clicks on the Herald website.

  3. Anonymous

    Do some people actually believe that this story was responsible in any way for the Patriots losing the Super Bowl?! By the postings of many on the Herald web site, you would think so.

  4. Anonymous

    “An intentional and willful decision by the Herald to inflict as much harm on the Patriots as possible”?I doubt it. Trust me – a successful Patriots team makes a lot more money for the Herald than a losing one. It’s a fact. Why would the paper intentionally want to kill the goose that lays the golden football? When a Boston team wins a championship or goes on a huge tear like the Patriots, it means a bazillion page views, more ad revenue and a higher profile for the paper.And as far as a boycott – the Snellgrove front page screwup was worse than this in terms of PR (well, maybe), and people were threatening to stop hitting the Web site and buying the paper then, too. Again, trust me when I say they came back. But add yet another mistake like this and the rep takes another hard hit. I just don’t buy that it was a hit job on the Pats by the Herald. They have a lot better things to do. A little perspective, please.

  5. Anonymous

    Sports sections are as over as talk-radio. They’re now only as effective as their ability to perturb. In this case the BH went several steps to far, crossing the line. Given the timing I think it’s resonable to conclude that they intended to hurt the Patriots.

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