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Younger and cheaper (III)

Yet another knowledgeable source tells me that there will be some external hires at the Globe. My judgment is that this source supersedes the previous source.

What we’ve got here is the eternal blogger’s dilemma. Standard blogging practice is to post information as it becomes available. When stuff like this happens, though, I find myself wishing I’d done it the old-fashioned way — make calls, and hold off until I have the whole story.

Anyway, I’m now confident that I do have the whole story. Start polishing those résumés, kids.

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  1. man who doesn't work in print

    Why would you ENCOURAGE anyone to pursue a career in newspapers these days? Seems like a slow track to lousy pay, bad hours and a virtual guarantee of being laid off within 12-18 months.

  2. DJS

    What dumbfounds me about those job postings is that there’s no mention of any tech / web skills. I can’t imagine any news organization hiring reporters, editors, producers etc. in today’s environment without solid and demonstrable multimedia skills.Doug

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