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Tapping the brain trust

I’m looking for an easy, free way to turn an RSS feed into a widget that I can embed into a Web site. Thoughts?


The Clinton-Kennedy split


Media Nation on NECN


  1. myDedham

    Use Google Reader. They do all the heavy lifting.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    MyDedham: I’m not sure what you mean. I already have an RSS reader. Is there something in Google Reader that helps you create widgets?

  3. Philocrites

    Check out the RSS widget options at WidgetBox.

  4. adamg

    Sproutbuilder, although their widget is the size of a YouTube video, which might be a bit much.

  5. Jess

    Feedburner has a number of useful functions — I use their “BuzzBoost” service to translate my feeds to html on my front page. Not exactly a widget, but very customizable.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Philocrites: Not bad! See this. I might give those other options a whirl, too.

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