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The Clinton-Kennedy split

In my latest for the Guardian, I ponder Ted Kennedy’s decision to throw Hillary Clinton over the side of the yacht last week — a far more significant move than his endorsement of Barack Obama earlier this year.

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh wow, throw her over the yacht?How mean of you. Charlie Pierce would be proud. I would have used “left her in the car to drown myself”.

  2. Anonymous

    No big mystery. Kennedy stuck with Bill through Monicagate because of shared ideals. On the other hand, Hillary is damaging the party and weakening those same ideals.He’s right. HRC would be a terrible choice for VP. He backpedaled only because he realized he should let that come from the nominee.

  3. Anonymous

    DK – interesting that HIS choice for DNC from MA lost to a Clinton ally.He seems to be badly out of step with his own state, an oddity for him.

  4. Anonymous

    Kennedy 58%, Romney 41%Is this the near defeat? But later you say Kennedy easily defeated Romney.Bob in Peabody

  5. Dan Kennedy

    Bob: I’m compressing. Come on, you were here — you’re almost as old as I am. Romney had actually pulled slightly ahead of Kennedy in the polls. Kennedy then unexpectedly defeated Romney in the first debate, and he rolled after that.

  6. Anonymous

    Dan: I guess I don’t recognize halftime scores in politics. I never thought Mitt had a chance. Every EMK race is basically a plebiscite.And I’m old enough to remember the Kennedy-Spaulding race, and how my mother (liberal but female and WASP) scandalized her RC Irish in-laws by saying she voted for Spaulding.Bob in Peabody

  7. mike_b1

    Let’s be honest about the Senator. While he is probably the greatest legislator of his generation — and certainly far more so than his older brother — at this time he is a citizen of the Commonwealth in name only. And his influence here is restricted to the federal dollars he sends home, not to internal state politics.

  8. Anonymous

    Mike, I’m afraid I can’t agree there. Kennedy’s still our guy.

  9. mike_b1

    Anon 9:17: Teddy may be “our guy,” but we’re not “his guys.”Think about it: He lives in Washington. He vacations on the Cape. But how much time does he spend in Boston? Or anywhere else in Mass?

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