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“Russert Watch” watch

Question: Would Todd Gitlin be capable of writing an interesting analysis of Tim Russert’s interview with Barack Obama if he weren’t trying to thread the needle of producing a weekly column for the Columbia Journalism Review called “Russert Watch” after having outed himself as an Obama supporter — a fact that he does not disclose even though it is still probably not widely known?

Answer: I have no idea. I do know that this certainly isn’t interesting.

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  1. Neil

    Ha! “Inability to write anything of interest” due to competing loyalties is a terrific definition of “conflict of interest”.Yes, a completely tedious and content-free effort by Gitlin. He’s no better than Russert. In fact worse if the complaint is that Russert is lazily doing “meta” (Russert’s definition of “dominating the debate” is in fact “media’s coverage of of the campaign”). Where does that leave Gitlin? Where’s his analysis of the debate?Can anybody get a column on CJR? Can we get a Gitlin Watching Russert Watch column?

  2. Neil

    I just noticed the title of your entry. So, we have met the the Russert Watch Watch, and he is us. Maybe you can get a piece of that big CJR action…

  3. Peter Porcupine

    DK – File this under the Russert Watch, per se. Also under susceptible media conduct (aka no source checking).Last night, on MSNBC around midnite(yes, Republicans have no life…), I heard Russert assert that Hillary’s toast, that she’d cancelled her formal engagements and media buys, and is sitting with her Super-Dees.Flash forward to 8 am while driving to work – Mistah speakah has ‘breking news’ from ABC, that Hillary was cancelling, etal. within 15 minutes, ABC had RETRACTED that, after indignant protestations that the campaign had done no such thing.Seems to me that ABC was reporting Tim Russert’s remaks as fact; so, what exactly was HIS source for making them?

  4. Neil

    PP, no Russert watching allowed unless you disclose your presidential preference.

  5. Peter Porcupine

    Neil – I guess Romney’s out, eh?’Course, it IS a long time to September….But,I am a Good DooBee and have a snazzy MCain bumper sticker on my car – nice graphic.

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