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On semi-hiatus

I don’t plan to go completely silent, but blogging will be hit-or-miss during the next couple of weeks as Media Nation moves into the end-of-the-semester season of grading hell.

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  1. Anonymous

    EB3Thanks dan. I need the breather.My cardiologist thanks you also.BTW, I see this Petro story as something that may have legs. At the very least – because of the facts, background, and distinctions in this matter – a big city newspaper should assign an investigative journalist to see what’s out there. Checking out ten ‘could be stories’ like this leads to six nothings, 3 good stories, 2 bland stories, and someday one Pulitzer.But that’s me talkin’.One more thing, Is there still such a thing as the “gentleman’s C”?

  2. Suldog

    Best of luck, Dan. Here’s hoping all of the grades are clear-cut.

  3. Steve

    Hey, if you get stuck grading papers, put ’em on line and post the links. The commenters will grade them for you! :-)Sounds like a student’s worst nightmare.

  4. Ron Newman

    You picked an interesting day to go silent — BostonNOW just folded.

  5. Don, American

    Liberals don’t want you to grade. It will warp the students’ little psyches. There is no black and white. It’s all gray, and as Democratic politicians would also say, depressing.

  6. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Yup. I’m a former member of liberals for pass/fail and the coalition to hold protests near final exams so they give you a paper (which can be about something of which you have knowledge) instead of an exam (which may very well contain stuff you don’t have a clue about).But I never pretended it was to make people feel good about themselves.

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