Jumping off the Metro

The Phoenix’s Adam Reilly finds that Metro Boston‘s reported circulation has plunged from 187,000 to 136,000 since last fall. That’s some plunge. But what does it mean?

The owners of Metro (including the New York Times Co., with a 49 percent share) can control the circulation to a large extent, given that it’s a free paper. Did the owners decide to cut back? Or did the auditors discover that 50,000 copies were ending up in the trash every day? Adam promises to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s another possibility — the BostonNOW [link now fixed] effect. Don’t laugh. My students tell me it’s got a much better crossword puzzle.

5 thoughts on “Jumping off the Metro

  1. Anonymous

    Dan, the intended link to BostonNOW is actually a link to the Metro. (I thought your students were supposed to read your blog – how come I have to point this out?)

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t see that much diff between the crosswords, once you get accustomed to them, but the BostonNow Sudokus are in a whole other class above the Metros.

  3. Anonymous

    Agree about the BostonNOW sudokus. Their other content – mostly sucky reader blogs – is far worse. I pick up a Metro at Wonderland every morning, do the sudoku, and usually have time to read most of the content (not that bad, really) before my destination. I get a BostonNow from the guy handing them out (hey fellow T-riders, give the guy a break and take one!)at the NEMC stop so I have a sudoku to do on the way home.

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