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More on Patrick’s book

The Globe’s Matt Viser and Frank Phillips report that Deval Patrick will receive a $1.35 million advance for his autobiography, which is scheduled to be published in 2010. Doubleday will be the publisher.

A few observations.

First, Patrick obviously has an interesting story to tell. I’m not sure if it’s $1.35 million worth of interesting, given that he’s an essentially local figure. (Even if he is from Chicago originally.) But the size of the advance doesn’t strike me as entirely crazy — just half-crazy.

Second, 2010 is the year he’s up for re-election as governor. It strikes me that Patrick wouldn’t have agreed to a 2010 release date if he didn’t already have a pretty good idea of what he hopes to be doing then. Serving in a Democratic White House? Laying the groundwork for a 2012 presidential run of his own? Or something as mundane as seeking re-election?

Finally, Peter Porcupine makes an excellent point about Patrick’s decision to show his book proposal to New York publishers last week rather than see the casino bill through. Yes, it was headed for certain, overwhelming defeat. But shouldn’t the captain go down with his ship? Patrick’s view of the world, P.P. suggests, is that “the captain is the only one in the lifeboat.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I just can’t wait to run out and not buy his book.

  2. Anonymous

    DK,PP has been making nasty comments about Deval from the moment he was elected. She’s a Republican State Committee member; bashing Democrats is part of her job. As a State employee with a patronage job,loads of free time, and an axe to grid she was bound to come up with something eventually.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 3:00: I have met and had coffee with Peter Porcupine, and know exactly who he or she is. So I don’t need to be educated. You seem to suggest that even you concede he or she nailed it this time. So good for him or her!

  4. Anonymous

    I’d go with “your obsession with the casino issue is affecting your judgment and credibility.” Her comment, while better than her usual “a Democrat did something bad once” meme, really isn’t that astute.

  5. Peter Porcupine

    DK – From the Keller At Large blog:3/28/2008 4:17 PMFrom Gov. Deval Patrick’s brief press conference this afternoon discussing his $1.35 million autobiography deal negotiated during a trip to New York City on March 20, the same day his casino bill was being voted down on Beacon Hill: Q: Governor, any regrets about the timing of the trip to New York? A: Life is what happens while you’re making plans? Q: What does that mean? A: Just that. No, I don’t have any regrets.” It’s always nice to have the principals in an event confirm your view of their actions. This is beyond not getting it – it’s not WANTING to get it, either.

  6. Sean Roche

    Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: the job you have while you’re making plans for the job you want.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m reminded of the talk show ad for the Social Security lawyer that assures us his services are “legal, moral and ethical”. With all due respect to the counselor, if I need advice on what’s moral or ethical, I would go somewhere besides a Harvard-trained lawyer. (You don’t need a law degree to become an amoral sociopath but it helps.) We rubes again bought the snake oil that was proffered when the carny came to town. Fool me (yet again), shame on ME.

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