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Godwin’s Law* in action

I had been looking for this, but somehow I missed it — until now. Several days ago, Cape Cod Times reporter George Brennan wrote an excellent article on Middleborough selectman Adam Bond’s bizarre and offensive blog post that casino opponents remind him of Nazis. Not to be missed. Yes, he took it down. But it lives on.

*Godwin’s Law explained.

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  1. Anonymous

    I always thought it odd that Adam Bond, who by all means is a very green selectman, would suddenly spearhead negotiations for something as big as a tribal casino. For him to shut the opposition down in Middleboro by moving swiftly on the tribes terms, makes you wonder about him. I wonder if he was being coached? Or is he an implant for casino interests? He’s been caught up in some controversy, and possibly “fibbed” about his professional experiences. He used to have this “Freudian slip” and call Middleborians “you people” alot, it’s what started my skepticism. You don’t have to agree, it just a hunch I have about the guy.

  2. Middleboro Review

    Mr. Bond has certainly kept Middleboro in the limelight and the surrounding issues controversial. Residents with Comcast cable who get to watch his performance during the BOS meetings are treated to the most bizarre behavior imaginable from a Selectman incapable of sitting through a meeting when the focus isn’t on him. He eats, talks with others, interrupts to hand members of the audience papers. He bounces around like a yo-yo, enters and leaves the meeting, fusses with his cellphone. It is conduct unlike any witnessed on any other Board. Maybe the presence of ghosts in the Town Hall has effected his behavior, but it’s worth the watch.

  3. Anonymous

    Bizarre and offensive doesn’t fully describe this sad episode. The comments may be gone but there was never any acknowledgement that he shouldn’t have made them nor anything resembling an apology, just more ego and arrogance.Rumor has it that Mr. Bond still lusts to be Town Manager. Call me a Nazi, after you called voters stupid, opponents braying mules, and much else, what better qualifications for a Town Manager?If you thought your municipality was dysfunctional, you need to watch Middleboro more closely.

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