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Monsters ball

In my latest for the Guardian, I expand on my post about former Obama adviser Samantha Power, and why she might think the Clintons’ behavior has been monstrous outside the context of the current campaign.

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  1. Neil

    Even if Power can justify her anger about what the Clinton administration should have done in Rwanda and (now) Bosnia too, none of that is on Hillary, unless Power makes the connection. Which she did not.I’d like to see her reconcile this humanitarian concern with Obama’s hope to be out of Iraq by summer of 2009. How would she, as senior foreign policy advisor, propose to overcome the power vacuum and subsequent humanitarian disaster that will ensue from such a precipitous abandonment of a vulnerable civilian population!If a Democrat takes office, I hope they grasp the concept that, with a volunteer military force now near exhaustion, we cannot afford to be the World Police, stopping Bad Things wherever they may happen. We couldn’t do it prior to Iraq and we especially can’t do it now. Unless she is in favor of re-introducing the draft, so we can save the world from itself.

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