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Citizen journalism (?) and Spitzer

The ever-classy New York Post is letting its readers write headlines for the Eliot Spitzer story. A sampling:

  • HYPO-QUIT!!!!
  • The “Emperor” Has No Clothes!
  • Love Potion for Client #9

Those last two aren’t bad. But I’ll bet the Post itself comes up with something better for tomorrow’s edition.

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Backing into trouble




  1. Robin Edgar

    Gotta love the New York Post’s waggish tabloid headlines. Here are a few of the best that I found after a quick Google search:HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BARKISS YOUR ASTEROID GOODBYE! (Meteor misses earth; Post, 1998)AXIS OF WEASEL HOLY SHIITELADY IS A TRUMPTHE BUCK SHOTS HERE (Dick Cheney hunting incident, 2006)WARM UP THE VIRGINS (Al–Zarqawi hit by airstrike, 2006)It looks like this ‘Write Your Own Post Headline’ thing may have something to do with promoting a soon to be published book about New York Post headlines that my Google search turned up.

  2. Stella

    Why was it necessary for the putz to have his obviously distraught wife at his side? Further callousness.

  3. Anonymous

    Spitzer is a pig.He should resign.Now he is scared s-itless.Wondering what else they have on him.He isn’t just a horny bastard who likes his salad tossed, but a criminal thug. Lots of wrong doing going on.

  4. Eoin

    How about: Spitzer: I hardly know her

  5. Aaron Read

    The Daily Show went for the so-obvious-I-totally-missed-it:”Spitzer Swallows?”

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