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Milk money

Paul McMorrow has a highly entertaining roundup of this week’s casino news at Boston Magazine’s blog. I especially like a description of the brochure Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration distributed to legislators:

Loaded with incongruous clip art, impressive leaps of logic, half-truths and downright sloppy research, the brochure (PDF) is one of the most dubious — not to mention unintentionally hilarious — public documents to see the light of day in quite some time. Print this thing out, take it on your lunch break, and try to read it without having milk squirt out your nose. We dare you.

I’m fascinated by the administration’s retreat from promising 30,000 jobs to “tens of thousands.” Is 20,000 “tens of thousands”? I suppose. But when I hear a phrase like that, I think of, oh, 50,000, or 70,000. “Tens of thousands” is not only deliberately vague; it’s deceptive.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, Deval + Casinos = Someone owes someone a favor.

  2. KC

    Damned right its deceptive.

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