It’s Al Gore rumor time

I was joking with someone today that it was time to start an Al Gore rumor — i.e., the deadlocked Democrats will turn to Gore at their convention as the only candidate who can bring together the Obama and Clinton forces.

We laughed. But it turns out that Eleanor Clift has already started.


7 thoughts on “It’s Al Gore rumor time

  1. Anonymous

    Other possible deadlocked-convention UNITY ticket ideas:Michelle Obama-Bill ClintonWalter Mondale-Richard SchweikerJames Jeffords-Joe LiebermanZell Miller-Strom Thurmond’s granddaughterJohn Edwards-Ron PaulGeraldine Ferraro-Tom Eagleton

  2. Anonymous

    Anon 9:54, the only problem with yuor suggestions is that Eagleton is dead. Otherwise they’re fine

  3. Anonymous

    Billy Bulger always said that the election wasn’t over until the returns came in from St. Augustine’s (Cemetary)…

  4. liamstliam

    Dan: This is one of the reasons I love to read you.I suggested this weekes ago.I am still waiting for him. 😉

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