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Josh Marshall 101

Noam Cohen profiles Josh Marshall in the New York Times following Marshall’s winning a Polk Award for his coverage of the U.S. attorneys scandal. Cohen kindly quotes me at some length.

As I noted last week in a blog post for my students, Marshall’s Talking Points Memo and related sites have pioneered a new kind of investigative reporting that combines the journalistic expertise of Marshall and his crew with the decentralized knowledge of their readers.

As citizen-journalism pioneer Dan Gillmor has memorably put it, “my readers know more than I do.” Marshall has figured out how to tap into that knowledge and make sense of it.

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  1. Don, American

    Someone gave an award to another someone for writing about a scandal that didn’t exist? What have we come to? The U.S. Attorneys work at the pleasure of the President, and some of them didn’t please him. He has the same authority as any employer. How many times does that have to be repeated before the disgruntled Democrats understand? This should be at least one of their lies that repetition does not appear to make true.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Don: Just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t make it right. Given the lengths to which Alberto Gonzales’ Justice Department went to cover up what was done, it’s pretty clear that the White House understood that. Too bad you don’t.

  3. DJS

    TPM does good work and deserves all the kudos it receives.I wonder if he’s worked out a business model and if his site(s) is financially self-sustaining.Doug

  4. Kyle

    Hey Dan, nice insight in the New York Times article and on both of your blogs. Also, glad you pointed me to Dan’s quote on citizen journalism. Wrote about it here:

  5. Don, American

    Alberto Gonzales was the weak link. He was too nice a man to say what he should have. “None of your business,” comes to mind.

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