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Robinson on McCain and the Times

My Northeastern colleague Walter Robinson, who broke the story of John McCain’s lobbying on behalf of Paxson Communications in January 2000, talks about the McCain story in a chat. Romenesko’s got the link, as well as links to three of Robinson’s pieces on McCain’s ties to lobbyists.

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Further thoughts on the McCain story


Torturing the law

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  1. Anonymous

    Do a little more research Dan. Most of the top aids for McCain 2000 have spoken on the record that the sexual angle of the Times Story is bunk. Weaver, in particular, begged off that angle though he’s clearly the major player in the story (meeting her.) One of his other top aids said the entire thing was bullshit and was ginned up by lobbyists who hate McCain. More to the point, Lanny Davis himself was involved int the Paxson issue, first hand and said McCain did nothing wrong. The Post used sources who (again, look it up) worked for Democrat Pols…all of them. Not to mention the reporting that Vin Weber (a former McCain guy reborn as a Romney guy) being the person who dropped this in the NYTimes lap. You said in a previous post that the endorsement had nothing to with reporting. That’s just a flat out lie. Bill Keller isn’t involved with the Editorial Page of the New York Times? Keller said this landed on his desk on Tuesday. That’s a lie. Dig a little deeper.

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