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Questions about a tragedy

My heart goes out to Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan and his family. Ryan’s son, Keith, was found dead in Pakistan yesterday. Bryan Marquard has a warm, well-rounded portrait of Keith Ryan in the Globe, and online sports-media columnist David Scott offers a tribute.

Ryan’s death is being cast as a suicide, but Mike Underwood’s story in the Herald raises another possibility. Here is the article that Underwood is apparently referring to, from the Pakistani paper Dawn. An excerpt:

The [U.S.] embassy said no “foul play” was involved, but senior police officers thought otherwise.

They said it was too early to determine from the bullet wound in the skull of Mr Keith Ryan whether it was a case of suicide or homicide.

The article goes on to say that there is some forensic evidence suggesting that murder was more likely than suicide, and that a full post-mortem will be conducted in Germany.

Keith Ryan was working as a U.S. agent in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Regardless of whether this was a suicide or a homicide, he died in service to his country.

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  1. Randomhookup

    While reading the obit, before I even made the connection to Bob, my instinct was “CIA Agent”. Probably just too many spy movies, but certainly a very suspicious death.

  2. Anonymous

    Keith didn’t work for the CIA. I hope this story stays hot until real answers come out. I’m having a hard time with suicide.

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