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Does Florida look like America?

This is pretty amazing. Forty percent of Democrats who voted in the Florida primary were 60 and older. Among Republicans: 44 percent. Only 9 percent of Democrats are under 30, and only 7 percent of Republicans. Not sure how that plays out in the Republican primary, but it certainly hurts Obama, who got pasted tonight in the no-delegate beauty contest.

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  1. acf

    Florida may have been a no delegate ‘beauty contest’, but Clinton was still chosen over the others, as the candidate they want to be their nominee for president. This was not an uncontested, no delegate Idaho race, but a big vote race in a state that had a historic role in a recent presidential race. It will provide some positive feeling in the days leading up to Super Tuesday which is better than not winning.

  2. Please

    Problem is absolute no campaigning went on in Florida this year from the Dems.Of course Hillary, a widely known name on the Dem ticket, is going to win when older voters who get most of their media from network and newspaper go to the polls. She was up against a freshman senator who hasn’t gotten his message out, hasn’t been campaigning door to door to those voters, and played by the rules set out when the DNC striped the delegates.It’s always nice to spin these things as huge wins, but the fact is that Florida was always going to be a Hillary win around the percentages that it ended up being, because it wasn’t a factor this time around. It’s the same kind of spin when you look how Obama’s been picking up more delegates in the primary and caucuses, yet Hillary’s magically the frontrunner of said caucuses and primaries.

  3. lou

    South Florida also is heavily populated with retired Democrats from New York and Clinton is, after all, the senator from New York.

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