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Cheap laugh, false charge

On tonight’s Fox News debate, Fred Thompson just said the reason you can tell the war in Iraq is going well is that you read so little about it in the New York Times.

Here you go, Senator. And if you can find another news organization doing this much coverage, let me know.

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  1. Sean Roche

    Let’s be charitable. He was on Fox News, speaking primarily to Republicans. It doesn’t matter how much the New York Times prints, the “you” he was addressing isn’t reading it.Because Thompson is wrong, though, doesn’t mean that the New York Times leads the pack. I think that award goes to McClatchy.It is a bit odd to make fun of the NYT, when Miller et al. were such cheerleaders for the war at the beginning.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Sean: Understood, but it’s always worth calling someone on a lie. Miller et al.? I believe you mean Miller and Gordon, period. The Times’ editorial page strongly opposed the war from the beginning — unlike the Washington Post’s.

  3. Bill Baar

    MSM isn’t giving Iraq or Afganistan the coverage they deserve.They should be reporting more about what’s going on in Algeria and North Africa too.NYT sure isn’t writing WaPo Editorials: See No GoodWhy do the Democratic candidates refuse to acknowledge progress in Iraq?The press needs to ask them what they heck they are seeing in Iraq now, otherwise they come back later and say they’ve been fooled, lied too, or otherwise hoodwinked.

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