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Channeling no one but himself

New York Times reporter Michael Powell asserts that John McCain is borrowing rhetoric from Barack Obama. Yet in his only example, he shows that McCain is borrowing from himself:

Mr. McCain admits to admiring Mr. Obama’s appeal as a “wonderful thing” and has taken to borrowing a line or three. He has been channeling Mr. Obama, calling on Americans to “serve a cause greater than their self-interest,” a theme from his campaign in 2000.

Indeed it is a theme from McCain’s 2000 campaign. So why does Powell say that McCain is “channeling Mr. Obama”?

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  1. Rick in Duxbury

    ““Kids are the best at telling who’s a liar, who’s phony,” Mr. Nance said. “He really inspires me to stand up and fight. There’s something different about him, you know.”Bummer. That 30+ years of voting (and vetting) has been a waste, I guess. Now that he mentions it, I DID know everything when I was “a kid”.

  2. Jon Garfunkel

    Wow, ten people shared the credit for that article! (er, what do you call the “additional reporting” line? the “bo-line”?)I’m surprised that you didn’t say that Michael Powell channelled Jacob Weisberg. He posted a similar article last night in Slate.Also, every few years some armchair media critics beg the Times to get with the program and add a two-line bio for each reporter. The reader should be informed that this Michael Powell shouldn’t be confused with any of these Michael Powells, including the former FCC Chairman.

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