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Speedy recovery, Mr. Speaker

Best wishes to Tom Finneran, who’ll be off the air for a few weeks while he prepares to undergo and recover from surgery for prostate cancer.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, best wishes to Tom. His show has grown on me. It really is the only local show with substantive political analysis on the AM band nowadays. The only drawback is his speaking style. His natural mode is pontification and so he cannot do short give and take. When he begins speaking, the minimum time that will elapse before his interlocutor gets to respond is two minutes. You can almost hear the commas as he gets on a long, lawerly monologue, filled with subordinate clauses, and appositions. When Steve Bailey gets the chance to talk, I think that his 15 minute segments are the best talk radio you can get in this market anymore. Unfortunately, he only gets 2-3 of those minutes sometimes. This is not really an appropriate time to analyze this, with Tom undergoing surgery, but I would love to hear you opinion on Finneran’s show. Do you listen? You havent mentioned the show hardly at all since it went on the air.

  2. Anonymous

    You’re right, this isn’t the time. Besides, compared to Braude, Tom is a regular Calvin Coolidge.

  3. Peter Porcupine

    As Dan knows, I am a fan of Mistah Speakah.Really – he’s working on it. Six months ago, he’d forget to give out the station telephone number, etc. Now, he’s slowing down, and doing better with conversation.And I have to ask – I read the dignified and optimistic statement about how he’s going to beat this on the WRKO web site, and wondered one thing – will he now vote for fellow survivor Rudy G.?

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