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Romney claims victim status

Now why didn’t Michael Dukakis think of this? If only the Duke’s campaign had whispered that Willie Horton “had once threatened to assassinate him,” as Mitt Romney’s people want us to believe was the case with Daniel Tavares Jr., he might have been elected president.

More: Not to be overly flip. Here’s something that’s on Tavares’ Massachusetts Department of Correction release form: “In February 2006, he threatened to kill the governor and attorney general of MA, Bristol County Sheriff, and other law enforcement officials when released.” So, no, the Romney folks aren’t making this up.

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I know this is dumb


Pretty soon you’re talking real money


  1. BosPhotog

    Interesting story here by Peter Gelzinis.

  2. Peter Porcupine

    But Dan – he apparently DID threaten to kill romney, along with Tommy Hodgson. It’s the prison guards who are sying this, not Eric Fehrnstrom.Alternatively – if you have given Horton $5 – could he have NAMED the governor?

  3. Tony

    If I was covert ops for one of the other candidates, I know what I would be doing over the next few weeks. I have a feeling that this might be the end Romney.

  4. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    There’a that “Mitt” fellow again. He ain’t the Red Sox; he won’t win. Forget about him.

  5. Stella

    Willard the wuss. Why waste ink?

  6. O-FISH-L

    The comparisons of Romney to Dukakis are ridiculous. Get back to me when Romney starts proprosing state funded sex change operations and hair weaves for inmates.

  7. Harry

    It appears you were a bit quick dismissing this claim, Dan. Perhaps for a moment a bit of partisan undergarment flashed from beneath your journalist’s cassock?

  8. Dan Kennedy

    Harry: Tavares appears to be a raving homicidal lunatic. It’s inexplicable why Romney’s handpicked judge would let him go. Now Romney’s trying to divert attention from his own decision-making by publicly calling on her to resign. OK, how’s that? 😉 BTW, Harry, I do opinion all the time here. But I do like to think I don’t withhold important facts, which is why I added that extra bit yesterday.

  9. Harry

    Better. It wouldn’t take much for Mitt to say that he regretted this appointment, but it is a presidential primary campaign, so don’t get your hopes up. Under pressure to appoint women to the bench Mitt appointed a woman and a Dem (not that one can choose from among many Repubs in office here).Besides the judge’s simply appalling judgment, I think there is a serious question about how the flight of this fellow from a hearing on charges in Mass fell through the cracks of law enforcement for several months. The Mass State Police apparently believed he was in Washington State, but I have read no reports describing any efforts to bring him back to Mass or even to warn authorities there of his flight.

  10. Anonymous

    Just to let you know, and I’m sure that Dan is aware of this, the Tavares case is being discussed ad nauseum over at BlueMassGroup. I have a number of lengthy comments in the discussion over there and I’m not going to repeat them here. The gist is: if you don’t like the MA bail laws, get them changed.–raj

  11. Anonymous

    EB3 HereDan, once again I find the main stream media sitting on their asses and not reporting. Instead I see much editorializing without adequate information.Why didn’t the D.A. ask for a dangerous hearing? What facts were presented to the judge at the the hearing? Did she know about threats of murder to family members and the ex-governor? I doubt it. Did any reporters review the court transcript and report on it? You know what? I can form my own opinions, I just need the media to give me corerct and sufficient information to do so. Unfortunately, the media, as in this case, reports a little bit of information which disallows me to form an educated opinion. What’s worse is the media then takes this bad reporting and tells me what tI should think. Like ‘this judge stinks’. I have many more questions, which the media can easily find out and report on, before I form my opinion on her.

  12. mike_b1

    Looks like Mitt was for her before he was against her.

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