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A better

The Boston Globe’s Web site,, has unveiled a sparkling new design. Evaluating what’s there and what isn’t will have to wait, but my first impression is that this is much easier on the eyes.

The Globe’s own home page hasn’t changed, though I suspect it will. Choose any story, though, and you’ll see a huge improvement.

My biggest question — and one I’ll try to answer over the next day or so — is whether Dave Beard and company have managed to integrate and the online version of the Globe better than they have in the past.

At first glance I’d say “not much.” But Beard, in his letter to readers, promises, “The changes won’t stop there.”

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  1. Brian F.

    I have to disagree. While the pages with the stories are better, the main page seems empty. There is too much white space in my opinion.

  2. another face at zanzibar

    Very similar to I wonder how that could be?

  3. Anonymous

    Two points.One, as far as I’m concerned,’s home page is a mess. It has too much information compressed into too small a space.Two, although I like the Globe page, I find it odd that the obituaries are the second item on the page. Are obits really that important to most people?The NYTimes homepage is a bit better, but the links to the stories are distributed over a larger screen.–raj

  4. Rick Laferriere

    Too confusing for me.Why is there a, the website for the Boston Globe (as you describe it Dan), and then another website is the homepage for the Boston Globe?Why not just one website?

  5. Bill Toscano

    To raj: I am unsure about being the second item, but, yes, obituaries are very important, especially with the excellent job the Globe does with local obits.Also, the older you are, the more you check the obits. In my experience, anyway.

  6. Anonymous

    I also think it’s a change for the worse. I miss the rotating sectional design because it was easy to figure out where I needed to go for certain information. If I wanted news, I was already there. If I wanted sports, click the sports tab. The third tab was always an interesting surprise. Plus the new nav bar is ugly, and what’s with all the white space? I say just go back to the old design.

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