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Viva Massachusetts!

Daniel Gross writes in Slate that gambling is on the wane in Las Vegas, even as Gov. Deval Patrick tries to bring it here. Does Las Vegas know something that Patrick doesn’t?

Meanwhile,, formed to fight the proposed Middleborough casino, is going statewide at a rally on Beacon Hill this Monday. In a statement on its Web site, the organization’s president, Rich Young, says:

The coalition is a combination of religious groups, mental health organizations, business groups, social service agencies and citizen activist groups. They will be coming together under one banner to oppose the Governor’s plan to put casinos in three communities in Massachusetts. This is the start of the first organized opposition to this flawed “economic model”. has been at the forefront of this coalition. We were asked to participate in the planning, development and will be active members in the ongoing campaign. I want you also to know that yesterday the coalition decided to structure their organization with a President and a Board of Directors. I was asked and will serve as the President of the Coalition.

Monday begins the fight on a wider scope. No longer is this just about Southeastern Massachusetts. This is about every one of the Commonwealth’s cities and towns being put up to bid. The Governor is wrong on this issue and we must rise up against this plan.

The New Bedford Standard-Times weighs in as well.

Hat tip on both items to Cape Cod Today, whose blogger/reporter Peter Kenney was recently nominated for a Best of the Blogs award for his relentless work on this subject.

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  1. Walter Brooks

    On the contrary, Dan, Deval knows exactly what Vegas knows thus his insistence on granting licenses only to “entertainment centers”, not casinos ala Mohegan Sun and Foxwood. As the SLATE column says, “In other words, the Las Vegas economy is looking more like that of America as a whole—driven by discretionary consumer spending on clothes, entertainment, and food.”

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for presenting the information that will allow an informed decision on the issue. Please continue to do so. Casino gambling continues to be a distraction from important issues and sustainable economic policy. Increasing opposition is recognizing the flaws. The time, energy, effort wasted opposed casino gambling could have accomplished many positive things to target problems in the Commonwealth. What a waste!

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