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Edwards versus student journalism

John Edwards’ presidential campaign is reportedly using intimidation and threats to get a student-produced news report removed from YouTube. As a public service, Media Nation presents the report here:

As you will see, the story — by a University of North Carolina student named Carla Babb — is a fair and neutral piece of journalism on Edwards’ decision to place his state headquarters in an affluent area of Chapel Hill.

Edwards should apologize for the actions of his overzealous aides.

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  1. Anonymous

    Don’t let this destroy your confidence in the ethics of American plaintiff’s attorneys. What’s next, a preemptive “SLAPP” suit? Can you imagine how arrogant he would be if he actually got elected? Ugh, what a creep.

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting that the Edwards campaign worker states that the Headquarters is based outside of Washington, DC because it shows his commitment to the people outside of DC. Then when he is asked about the affluent neighbor-hood, he states that it does not matter where the Headquarters is located. Ah, but he is young and I am being rational…

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