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Scotto heading to Albany

Former WRKO Radio (AM 680) talk-show host Scott Allen Miller is heading to Albany, N.Y., to become program director and morning-drive host at WROW (AM 590). This will be Scotto’s second stint in the Capital District.

Mrs. Media Nation hails from the Albany suburbs, so I have some familiarity with the region. I’ll send Scotto off with this Albany Times Union multimedia package on “Central Ave: Broken Dreams, Second Chances.”

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  1. jvwalt

    That’s a return home for Scotto. He worked at WGY, 810 AM, before getting the gig at WRKO. He was the afternoon drive time host. WGY has a strong nighttime reach in northern New England; I occasionally caught his show after nightfall in the short-daylight months.

  2. Anonymous

    EB3 hereI knocked Scotto alot. But he handled himself with real class when he left. He was treated lousy here. The RKO brass really had their heads up their asses when they brought him in. Then they acted like punks when they let him go. Scotto should be pissed at RKO.It wasn’t his fault he didn’t gel. He was a cat person and the station obvioulsy needed a dog person.Good luck to him. He has earned it.

  3. Anonymous

    good for scotto. he’s got a lot of promise. shows a real interest in getting ahold of factual info & public documents before spouting off. i hope he continues in that vein rather than go the cheap depetro sleaze route to fame.

  4. Anonymous

    I actually caught his show a few times and thought he was interesting and bright. Not sure he fit in well on that station. He may have even gotten out at the right time. Now, any attempt to listen to WRKO outside of a ballgame is a painful experience.

  5. amusedbutinformedobserver

    Good luck to him. He faces a tough task as the competition is a 50,000 watt true clear channel station (and it’s also a Clear Channel station)with a popular market veteran in the morning and the guy he’s replacing is buying another talk station in the same market and will do mornings (albeit with inferior dial position).How many spit-back conservatives can a medium market support, anyway? It doesn’t matter since Miller seems to understand that talk radio isn’t about issues, and never has been about issues, it’s about entertainment.Meanwhile, a mere 244 days left in WRKO’s life span, according to Miller’s July prediction that the station would no longer be a news talk station “within a year.”

  6. Bill Toscano

    Ahh, this is one of the two stations I can get Mike & The Mad Dog on.I have been listening to the Clear Channel station, 810 WGY, with the the two local guys, then Rush, Hannity and Michael Savage.I will definitely give 590 a listen.Dan, if you get up this way, lemme know. We’re about an hour north of Albany. We could go for a coffee or a beer.

  7. Bill Toscano

    Dan: Scott got a nice writeup in the Albany paper today.He is on at 7 tonight (Friday).Here;s the link for the station. They do a live stream.

  8. Scott Allen Miller

    Thanks for the kind words! (And for the not so kind ones.)

  9. Anonymous

    Your boy “Scotto” has his work cut out for him: WROW hasn’t been able to achieve full power for several weeks, the news readers (male AND female) sound as if they’ve been inhaling helium, and what time is news on during “Mike and the Mad Dog” — I’ve heard news at 2:55, 3:12, 4:22— there is NO continuity! The moment the old PD was out the door the station collapsed technically! It’s a cheesey rubber-band operation!

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