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Think they’re going to keep walking Ortiz? If Manny’s game-winner is the start of a hot streak, will it matter?

And consider this: J.D. Drew is having a better series than Alex Rodriguez.

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  1. Steve

    Wow, Manny hit that ball a long way. Since returning to the lineup, he’s had lots of singles but only one extra-base hit. This is a very good sign.On catching balls in the stands – there are some Danny Vinnick vs Steve Bartman stories waiting to be written – who’s gonna write them?About Bartman’s interference with Cub Moises Alou’s attempt to catch a foul ball at Wrigley (thus frustrating the Cubs getting out of a decisive inning), I’ve read several columnists opine along the lines of “it was in the stands – all baseball fans are going to go for the ball if it’s coming to them”.If that was Varitek going for that foul ball instead of Mathis, would the Boston fans know enough to let ‘Tek have an unobstructed attempt at a catch? I have often hoped this would be true of a Boston crowd.Fenway fans in the right field boxes often have opportunities to try to hold a possible triple to a ground-rule double. I think our record there is mixed.(Last year I attended Wily Mo’s first game in Fenway’s RF. I was soon convinced that it behooved any true Red Sox fan to make every attempt to touch any ball they could rather than let Wily Mo attempt to field it.)

  2. Don M.

    Scary to think Drew is having a better series than A-Rod. It’s the battle of who’s the bigger choke master.

  3. Anonymous

    yeah, but who isn’t having a better series than A-Rod? 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Huh. Mike_b1 must be away.

  5. mike_b1

    mikeb_1 was away. And enjoying his vacation, I might add. But as I’ve noted something on the order of a million times, anything can happen within a small sample size. Also, JD Drew is a great player and great players, over time, play great.

  6. Anonymous

    I knew it!

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