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Take your Sox off

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. We can watch every minute of all 162 regular-season games, not to mention spring training. But once the playoffs hit, we can’t see Game 2 of the Red Sox-Angels series until the extra-inning contest between the Yankees and Cleveland is over. Did no one at TBS anticipate this might happen? Unbelievable.

Put your Sox back on. Whoops. No sooner did I post this than I realized the Sox are on TNT. So never mind.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    Dan – You’re still half-right. When the first game runs late on TBS, temporarily forcing the second game to TNT, viewers are unable to watch the TNT game in hi-def, at least in Quincy under Comcast, because TNT is not available here in HD. My guess is TNT isn’t availble anywhere in HD but I’ll speak for Quincy. Not the end of the world, but frustrating when you’ve dropped $2k+ on HD TV’s. TBS was never HD either, but went HD this week, presumably to accomodate the playoffs.Also, many complaints that TBS-TNT is failing to properly time the commercial breaks, thereby missing the first and second pitches of each inning. I haven’t noticed tonight, but WEEI was full of complaints this week.

  2. Larz

    And now, LIVE, from the Fleet Center, it’s the American League playoffs, with Curt Gowdy and Johnny Most.

  3. Anonymous

    arent you watching the bruins, dan?

  4. Anonymous

    in quincy, tnthd is 831. i live in plymouth where it’s been on since i got hd. check the ‘net for your lineup.and it’s better with pic and dave o’brien on weei.

  5. Anonymous

    TBS-TNT did not run a message on the screen about the switch, which they should have. In game 1, TBS came in late for 1 batter that I noticed (who grounded to Lowell with a fine play).

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 8:12: I could have just been not seeing things properly, but here’s what I think I saw. I was watching the end of the Yankees-Indians game on TBS, and at the bottom of the screen was a graphic that said the Red Sox and Angels were playing … on TBS! Really. I think. I banged out the above item. Then I went back, and it said the Red Sox-Angels were on TNT. Which maybe it said all along. I don’t know. And God bless Manny.

  7. Mike from Norwell

    Actually, here in Norwell TNT has been on HD for sometime (833, as Comcast at least is having the decency to have some consistency w/ their HD numbering). TBS just came online in HD Monday.At least this has Division series has had some consistency. I remember coming back early from work in 2004 searching to no avail, until finally finding the RS-Angels game on the ABC Family Channel (that sure is a logical guess).Good for Manny, although looking back over the last four years, perhaps his “lack” of walk-off home runs may have to do with the guy hitting in front of him (and Ortiz may be getting hittable balls as a result of Manny hitting behind him).

  8. amusedbutinformedobserver

    Dozed off. Woke up. TNT showing nitwit rerun. Thought game over.This whole production is the amateur hour, from junior high schoolish announcers to production to flipping channels without notice to limited high def avail (comcast apparently much better than charter on verizon on this front)Makes me wonder: Why wouldn’t Werner bid for postseason rights as a NESN production? We get better local coverage than Turner’s national production

  9. bostonph

    Van anyone explain Craig Sager’s lavender sport coat ? We ended up in a discussion of whether Monty Hall is still alive.

  10. Rick in Duxbury

    And exactly how good does BC have to be to rate being shown by Comcast? Not sure I ever heard of “ESPNU” but that was the only way to see the BGU game. Not available in the Duxbury area. Aargh!

  11. mike_b1

    mike, not to pick on you, but why the focus on walkoff homeruns? No one hits a lot of them. Do you know, without looking, who has hit the most in the past 4 years? Or that the team that scores first historically wins more often than not. So why not focus on that?Or, just for fun, substitute grand slams for walkoffs. Know who has hit more grand slams in MLB history than anyone alive? There’s no helping sportswriters, but those of us who know better ought to focus on other, more substantive topics.

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